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OK Tubrod 14.07S

OK Tubrod 14.07S

A metal cored wire containing 1% Cr 0.5% Mo for submerged arc welding. Used with OK Flux 10.63 fully basic flux, the weld metal is of the highest metallurgical integrity for service temperatures up to 500°C. The wire may also be used with OK Flux 10.71 for fillet welding applications. Applications: Steels with a similar composition to those used in steam boilers, process plants and piping, together with pressure vessels in the power generation industry. This product has been successfully used in tube-to-fin applications with OK Flux 10.71. Preheating dependent on thickness up to 300°C is essential, followed by post-weld heat treatment at 650-700°C.

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Propiedades tensoras típicas

As welded
Alargamiento Gas de protección Límite de elasticidad Resistencia a la tracción
23 % OK Flux 10.71 640 MPa 721 MPa

Análisis del Metal de Soldadura

OK Flux 10.71
1.05 %0.51 %0.07 %0.45 %1.18 %

Datos aportación

2.4 mm

Clasificaciones: EN 760, SA AB 1 67 AC H5, EN 14700, T Fe1, Weld Metal, SFA/AWS A5.23, F9AZ-EC-B2, Weld Metal

Corriente de soldadura: DC+, AC
Hidrógeno difusible: < 10 ml/100g
Tipo de aleación: Low alloy (Cr 0.5% Mo)