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All-positional, basic AC/DC electrode with 120% recovery for welding steels with min. 680 N/mm2 yield strength; e. g. NAXTRA 70, T1, 80 HLES, HY80 and HY100. Often applied in combination with FILARC 98, where the latter is used for tack welding, root-run welding and for welding standing fillet welds. Use the shortest possible arc. Weave slowly when permitted. A slight weave can be used for standing fillet welds. DC+. Use DC- for root runs.

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Clasificaciones: SFA/AWS A5.5, E11018-M, EN ISO 18275-A, E 69 5 Mn2NiMo B 32 H5
Aprobaciones: ABS, AWS, E11018-M, BV, 4Y62 H5, CE, EN 13479, DNV-GL, 4 Y62H5, LR, 4Y62 H5, MoD, (N) Q1N, HY80, Seproz, UNA 272581

Aprobaciones vinculadas a la planta de producción. Para obtener más información, pongase en contacto con ESAB.

Alloy Type: Low alloyed (2.3 % Ni, 0.4 % Mo)
Coating Type: IMPERIAL_Basic covering
Diffusible Hydrogen: < 5.0 ml/100g
Welding Current: AC, DC+-

Análisis del Metal de Soldadura

Propiedades de Ensayo de impacto Charpy

ISO As welded
Impact Value Testing Temperature
80 J -50 °C
AWS As welded
Impact Value Testing Temperature
- -50 °C

Typical Tensile Properties

ISO As welded
Elongation Tensile Strength Yield Strength
22 % 800 MPa 740 MPa
AWS As welded
Elongation Tensile Strength Yield Strength
- - -

Datos aportación

Amperios Diámetro Fusion time per electrode at 90% I max kg weld metal/kg electrodes Number of electrodes/kg weld metal Tasa de Deposición Voltios
55-105 A 2.5 x 350 mm 46.6 hr 0.61 kg 83.3 0.93 kg/h 25.3 V
90-140 A 3.2 x 350 mm 64.3 hr 0.56 kg 46.2 1.21 kg/h 22.8 V
110-180 A 4.0 x 450 mm 90.0 hr 0.61 kg 23.1 1.72 kg/h 22.8 V
190-280 A 5.0 x 450 mm 90.3 hr 0.63 kg 13.5 2.75 kg/h 24.6 V


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