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Aristo FeedMech 4804w

Aristo FeedMech 4804w

Aristo® FeedMech 4804w is a separate and enclosed feeding unit which includes operational functions for gas purge and wire inching forward and reverse. The feeding unit is powered by the control unit Aristo® FeedControl. The two units are connected by a 2 m cable and hose kit. (Other lengths available on request).


  • Accurate speed control with the aid of a pulse encoder on speeds ranging from 0.8 to 25.0 m/min. 4-roll feed mechanism with grooves in both feed and pressure rolls give stable feeding and low wear of the wire, all of which help to ensure reliable wire feeding
  • Separate solution offers a low weight feed unit with a very high feeding capacity from the excellent twin motor feeding system
  • Mounting bolts with rubber absorber protects the components from the high acceleration and deceleration forces of the robot
  • All electronic components are protected in a separate compartment the control unit Aristo®FeedControl
  • TrueArcVoltage™ system measures the correct arc voltage at the contact tip (together with ESAB robotic torches)



Rodillos alimentadores 48

Especificaciones de Potencia

Grado de protección IP 2x

Especificaciones del Alimentador de Hilo

Longitud de Hilo por Minuto (Aristo FeedMech 4804w) 0.8 - 25.0 m/min
Diámetro del hilo (Aristo FeedMech 4804w) 0.6 - 2.4 mm
Metal (Aristo FeedMech 4804w) unall. solid

Power Specifications

Enclosure Class IP2x
Power Supply (from robot) 42 VAC 50/60Hz VDC
Standards IEC 60974-5