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Aristo RoboFeed 3004HW

Aristo® RoboFeed 3004HW is especially designed for the use with hollow wrist robots that have the torch package inside the robot arm. Low weight and small size is needed to allow those robots to use their high accelerations and perform all motions.

Sturdy design with plastic cover for reduced weight and ideal for use in though environments. The digitally controlled feed unit performs accurate speed control with the aid of a pulse encoder on speeds ranging from 0.8 to 30.0 m/min.The 4-roll feed mechanism with grooves in both feed- and pressure rolls gives stable feeding and low wear on the wire, all of which help to ensure reliable wire feeding. Aristo® RoboFeed 3004HW is available with Ø30 mm rollers for wires up to Ø1.6 mm.

RoboFeed 3004HW supports all MIG/MAG process solutions offered by ESAB including QSet,, the short arc welding process with artificial intelligence and SuperPulse,, the most versatile process to determine heat input and penetration depth.

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Rodillos alimentadores 30

Especificaciones de Potencia

Grado de protección IP 2x

Especificaciones del Alimentador de Hilo

Longitud de Hilo por Minuto (Aristo RoboFeed 3004HW) 0.8 - 30.0 m/min

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