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Mechtrac 1730/2100/2500/3000

Mechtrac 1730/2100/2500/3000

For mechanized gantry automation

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  • Fast and flexible way to increase productivity
  • Equipped with A2-A6 PEK process controller and A2 welding equipment for mechanized SAW or GMAW
  • Weld various profiles such as I-, T- or L-beams, straight columns or tapered columns
  • Available in four versions (width of gantry): 1730 mm, 2100 mm, 2500 mm or 3000 mm
  • All versions have standard gantry leg height of 1500 mm
  • Floor mounted rail delivered in standard lengths of 3 m and can be easily extended
  • Dual-drive motors are standard
  • Gantry can support a maximum weight of 220 kg - up to two A2 welding heads, complete with GMH joint tracking and OPC flux recovery systems


Measurements and Dimensions

Weight (Maximum Load) 220 kg (485 lb)

Specifications and Dimensions

Gantry Width 68-118 in. (1730-3000 mm)
Height Increment 100 in. (3.9 mm)
Max Load 220 kg (485 lb)
Min. Side Clearance 57 in. (1450 mm)
Shell Height 70.8-138.8 in. (1800-3500 mm)
Shell Thickness 1.96 in. (50 mm)
Standard Rail Length 3 m (9.8 ft)
Travel Speed 0.2-1.9 m/min (8-75 in./min)