HLAW - Applications



Bridge decks, building beams, trusses, pilings, utility poles: these are all examples of construction products that could and are benefiting from the high productivity, low distortion hybrid laser welding process. ESAB has a number of customers who are TODAY enjoying the benefits of hybrid welding in their production of construction materials and structures. These companies are often shifting to higher strength materials and corrosion-resistant alloys and at the same time, and achieving new levels of structural efficiency, durability and life-cycle cost performance.

Advanced structuresAdvanced structures

ESAB has been working to develop production equipment capable of cost-effectively producing a range of new range of engineered structures utilising high strength materials and advanced structures. The unique properties of hybrid laser welding, deep penetration and low heat input enable the fabrication of new laminated, hollow and 'cellular' structures that perform as well or better than conventional structures, with as little as half the weight and only a third of the structural depth.


The energy industry is facing some of the toughest technical challenges it has ever confronted. Not only does it need to develop whole new ranges of energy sources, generation methods, and distribution systems but to do so while reducing the impact on the environment. ESAB has been a leader in automation systems for the energy industry for many years and is a leading producer of wind tower and generator turbine production equipment. We have now been working with the industry to develop the next generation of hybrid laser equipment for welding oil and gas pipelines, utility towers, storage tanks and cylinders and other critical energy components.

Mobile equipmentMobile Equipment

Mobile equipment covers a large range of construction-related machinery from earthmoving and mining equipment to mobile cranes and agricultural equipment. What these products have in common is the need for a high strength-to-weight ratio and extreme durability. ESAB has extensive experience with developing the process parameters and welding wires needed for welding the ultra-high performance steels that this industry is increasingly utilising. ESAB's hybrid welding equipment is well suited to providing manufacturers of mobile equipment with a significant advantage in a highly competitive market.


Transportation vehicles are particularly sensitive to weight. Often, any reduction in tare weight can be turned into increased cargo capacity and reduced energy costs. This means more revenue and lower costs for the end user. The trick is to build lighter structures without the distortion that often accompanies them. ESAB has been working with a number of leading transportation companies to help them rethink their products to take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by hybrid laser welding. Our large 6-axis laser gantry systems are today helping to reshape the global rail industry by achieving productivity and quality levels unachievable by conventional processes.


Hybrid laser welding has been in use for several years in a number of the most advanced European shipyards to build ship decks and bulkheads. ESAB-built systems are currently producing components for the next generation of naval ships. Hybrid laser welding has allowed the industry to shift to high-strength alloys and lightweight designs without the distortion that normally results from conventional welding of these advanced structures.