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Exaton Ni71

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Exaton Ni71 is a covered electrode with basic coating and a normal metal recovery for welding of NiCrFe alloys such as Alloy 600, 800 and 800H. 9%Ni steels as well as nickel-alloyed steels for cryogenic temperature use. It is also used for dissimilar joints such as stainless steel and NiCu alloys to carbon steel and nickel alloys. Exaton Ni71 is characterised by little spatter and very good slag removal.

Typical applications are found in constructions to be used at lower temperatures e.g. 3.5%, 5% and 9% Ni steels are used as well as austenitic Cr-Ni stainless steel, especially if the weld metal is to be thermoformed or stress relieved.

The alloy can be used in air up to 1200°C (2150°F), in sulphur dioxide atmospheres up to 800°C (1470°F) and in ammonia at the highest process temperature. This alloy is used for surfacing or joining where there are strict requirements on stress corrosion resistance and for high temperature service.

The microstructure is fully austenitic.

Propiedades de Ensayo de impacto Charpy

Valor de impacto Temperatura de ensayo
pwht aws
60 J (44 ft-lb) 16 hr 610 degC (1130 degF) -196 degC (-321 degF)
100 J (74 ft-lb) 16 hr 610 degC (1130 degF) 20 degC (68 degF)

Propiedades tensoras típicas

AlargamientoCondiciónGas de protecciónLímite de elasticidadResistencia a la tracciónTemperatura de ensayoTiempo de ensayo
50 %PWHTAWS400 MPa (58 ksi)635 MPa (92 ksi)610 degC (1130 degF)16 hr

Datos aportación

Amperios Tasa de deposición al 90 % I máx. Diámetro
50-70 A 0.0 kg/h (0,0 lb/h) 2.5 x 300.0 mm (0.098 x 11,8 in.)
65-105 A 0.0 kg/h (0,0 lb/h) 3.2 x 350.0 mm (1/8 x 13,8 in.)
75-150 A 0.0 kg/h (0,0 lb/h) 4.0 x 350.0 mm (5/32 x 13,8 in.)
120-170 A 0.0 kg/h (0,0 lb/h) 5.0 x 350.0 mm (0.197 x 13,8 in.)


Clasificaciones SFA/AWS A5.11 : ENiCrFe-3
EN ISO 14172 : E Ni 6182 (NiCr15Fe6Mn)


Sociedad CE
Las aprobaciones dependen de la ubicación de la fábrica. Póngase en contacto con ESAB para obtener más información.

Características de los consumibles

Tipo de aleación Ni based Cr alloy
Tipo de recubrimiento Basic
Corriente de soldadura DC+

Análisis del Metal de Soldadura

à% Análisis metal depositado (valores típicos)
Al C Cr Cu Fe Mn Mo Nb Ni P S Si Ti Ti+Nb
0.009 % <=0.03 % 16 % 0 % <=10 % 5.7 % 0.005 % 2.2 % 67 % <=0.015 % <=0.010 % 0.3 % 0.08 % <0.50 %

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